Beat the uni blues… The Sussex societies offering holidays

Where can we sign…?

Everyone loves an excuse for a holiday. Whether it be a whistle-stop tour of Ibiza or a spiritual journey through Indonesia, as long as we’re able to tan and post staged pictures to Instagram, all is good with the world.

Usually a holiday is nothing but a pipe dream during term-time, an oasis on the horizon in a blizzard of coursework and co-op meal deals. Have no fear, though, because these Sussex societies might be about to change that for you.

Without further ado, here are a bunch of great societies offering the chance for some time abroad:

Travel Society

It kind of goes with the name, really. It wouldn’t be travel society without some, um, travelling. A relatively new society, TravelSoc offers many UK trips already and are intending to run European trips very soon, with a fair wind and a bit of fundraising.

International Relations

The International Relations Society hosts annual trips abroad. Members attend IR talks and tours during the day – such as at the United Nations and the International Press Institute of Brussels – as well as having a good look round whatever destination they find themselves in. This year the society is planning to go to Geneva and Beijing, which says it all about how diverse their globe-trotting is.


The History Society has previously run trips to the city of Amsterdam, a city rich in history, culture and, um, weed.

Sports societies

The sports societies of Football, American football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Dance offer their members the chance to embark on the infamous sports tour to Croatia. This is where sports societies from all over Britain come together to play some sport, soak up the rays and have a booze up. The sesh may or may not be continued during the long journey on the tour bus.

Cycling Society

As well as running local rides to Brighton Beach and Lewes, Sussex Uni's cycling society plan to soon run longer trips to France and beyond.

Sussex Snow

Sussex Uni's ski and snowboarding society run two trips per year where snow-goers of any skill level can – you’ve guessed it – ski, board and get truly hammered. They’ve previously embarked on trips to Andorra in the Pyrenees and to the French Alps of Val Thorens.


GeoSoc runs annual trips where society members can visit tourist sites and explore their chosen city. In possibly the most glorious millennial competition running at Sussex, there’s also an Instagram competition to crown the best holiday snaps. Past trips have included Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The Craft Beer Appreciation and Exploration Society

This merry band of beer enthusiasts aim to offer a trip to the city of Bruges in Belgium at the end of the year. The plan is to explore ancient Trappist breweries and visit some of the legendary pubs that the city is renowned for. Obviously.

Scuba diving Society

Sub Aqua has run for over thirty years, offering the chance for students to learn how to dive with qualified instructors. They currently host trips to the English island of Lundy, but are planning to visit more warm water locations this year.

Sussex Surf

Every Easter break Sussex Surf give their members the opportunity to spend a week in Portugal, with surf-related activities during the day and alcohol-fuelled socials in the evening. Members have also travelled to the Moroccan beaches of Taghazout in the past. Beats an Easter egg hunt in Somerset I suppose.