Fresher Diaries: How the Saturday moving in day played out

The freshers are among us

Freshers’ Week is finally here and Sussex newbies are making their way in. With olive oil in hand and boxes of random stuff that they really shouldn’t have brought, thousands of freshers descended down to Sussex campus.

From eight o’clock yesterday morning, university teams have been working hard to make a successful and memorable welcome weekend.

Here’s how it’s played out so far…

A warm welcome was provided on the Bramber House quad

Live music and food stalls were available for parent and fresher alike to chill in the sun. Eat Central was completely full by lunchtime leading many families to sit outside on the steps and benches to enjoy their food. Brighton and Hove Buses were also in appearance helping the new students understand our public transport.

Library Square also had a welcome hub which SU elected officers could be found to offer help and guidance. Tickets for events and help desks were also located here. The good weather during the day really showed off Sussex’s charm.

The Co-op queues weren’t that bad

Our campus shop seemed to hold out well under the influx of people. Don’t get used to it though, we’ll probably see those long snaking queues back on Monday. The Co-op also had staff work throughout the night to keep up with stock.

Room 76 had a £3.50 hot drink and cake deal on

A nice way to say goodbye to parents after unpacking before the less dignified events started.

There was really bad traffic coming through campus

As a result of building works and a number of car parks being out of use, there was major congestion coming into campus. One fresher said it took them thee hours to get through campus. To deal with this, there was a 20 minute unloading time putting in place, although most people stayed longer. Helpers gave out goody bags and bottles of waters to people waiting in cars.

A spokesperson for the university commented:

“Yesterday we welcomed approximately 3,000 students into their new accommodation on campus. This is only possible through extensive planning and organisation. Due to a higher number of students choosing to arrive on Saturday than last year, there was some congestion during part of the day. We are already considering other additional arrangements for next year. Today will be much quieter as the majority of students are already settled in.

“We are already considering other additional arrangements for next year. Today will be much quieter as the majority of students are already settled in.”

The big tent was up and decorated

Those who stayed down in Brighton for the Summer would notice that the tent has been up for a good while now. The Students’ Union events team worked hard all day to install the stage and bar area that will be used on Sunday for the Sussex Festival. Portaloos, Aztec decorations, and other jungle decor have been put up for a night to remember.

The tent was also used as a cinema ahead of the festival

The tent was home to a showing of La La Land and was kitted out with deck chairs and a bar selling drinks, cake, and popcorn.

East Slope and Falmer Bar were in full swing from 8 o’clock

And now the main event, Falmer and East Slope bar hosted their moving in parties with both venues offering something a little different to the other.

Falmer Bar was taken over by Rox events who had their own DJ and raffle to win a trolley full of food and other household items, no joke. Queues for Falmer went on for ages as the main entrance was through the back garden. Staff and fresher alike looked like they had a lot of fun yesterday,

East Slope Bar was definitely rocking it last night as two of URF’s DJs took over the night ahead of their sets at the Sussex Festival. Things were slow to start, but once the music started to play and the drinks came flowing the dancefloor was full all night. Queues were also, at times, really long at East Slope.

People that couldn’t find a place to hang out inside all congregated outside in the specially erected tent with a bar.

So, how has the first day been in our books?

Freshers, oddly, seemed to have gelled together quite well. Housemates all came out and you would never have known they probably all met each other just a few hours ago. Despite the traffic, which let’s face it there isn’t really much anyone can do, the first night was a pretty resounding success. Let’s hope that this success carries on for the rest of the week, and especially at the Sussex Festival tonight.