Oi, muggles, there’s a Wizarding shop coming to Brighton…

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Still feeling down about your missing Hogwarts acceptance letter? We've got something that's sure to brighten your day. Harry Potter super fan Oliver Thomas Dall is due to open a shop dedicated to selling all things magical.

Located at 42 Trafalgar Street, just around the corner from Brighton's train station, the shop called 'Oliver's Brighton' will sell official Harry Potter merchandise ranging from wands and broomsticks to chocolate frogs and jelly slugs. Yum. When asked why Brighton was chosen as the location for his wizarding shop, Oliver said: "It's very quirky and reminds me of Harry Potter. I've lived in Brighton for 7 years now, there's simply no better place."

Noticing a gap in the market for Harry Potter fans in Brighton, Oliver knew he wanted to fill the magical void but with what? "The idea came to me whilst I was travelling in Asia, coincidentally reading one of the books. The right property came up and I knew a shop would be perfect."

Set to open in November of this year, 'Oliver's' promises to be anything but an ordinary, muggle shop. Visitors will feel as though they've apparated straight into Diagon Alley. "It's enchanted from the smallest details. Coming to Oliver's will be an experience, it will have wow factor."

Alongside selling official jewellery and collectable prints from the films, the wizarding shop will also sell clothing from the four Hogwarts Houses – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

When asked which house he would be sorted in, Oliver tentatively replied: "I've already been sorted numerous times and I'm always Slytherin. A lot of people feel they are evil but those who truly know Harry Potter will know that there's one good character who was sorted into Slytherin." Snape, cough cough?

Oliver, who will sell official Warner Brothers licensed merchandise, said the shop is not associated or endorsed by Jk Rowling, Warner Brothers or the Harry Potter Franchise, but is an independent venture.