More things we have genuinely overheard on campus at Sussex

“I still don’t know how uni works”

A few months ago we threw away our headphones for a week to listen to what Sussex students had to say around campus and heard some weird and wonderful comments. We put our headphones back in our pockets again to bring you the best of what we overheard at Sussex over the past week:

Library Square

“Charity shops are actually the best.”

“No one goes into a bead shop in a bad mood, do they?”

“Mate, I was ketted off my tits when she offered me that bagel.”

“How can you approach life from a chemistry standpoint?”

“What about my sodding cheese? No one ever cares about my cheese!”

The N25 Bus

“Are uncooked potatoes poisonous? I need to call my mum.”

“We’ve been dating for two months and I’m pretty sure I’ve never even liked her.”

“If you’re german, stamp your feet.”

“Help! Help! I’m trapped in my pinafore!”

“I don’t know why you’d choose to go to Brighton when you could go to Sussex.” *in reply* “I don’t think going to Brighton is a choice, Lucy.”

General chat around Sussex

“Polygamy is the next great taboo to be broken.”

“If I really hated someone I wouldn’t throw eggs at their window. I’d have an orgy in their bed.”

“If you were a proper heroin addict…I’d much rather get stabbed then have HIV…”

“I wish my loan came in now so I can buy strippers.”

“Where did you go in Corfu? Awh that’s where our boat is.”

“In GCSE we crunched up a Berocca and tried to snort it.”

“I still don’t know how uni works”