Yik Yak is officially dead. Long live Yik Yak.

Where will we anonymously complain about life now?

Yik Yak has announced on their blog that the app will officially be shutting down. The anonymous message board app will be winding down over the coming week, according to its creators.

The app was greatly popular with university students around the world, especially here in the UK.

Classic Yik Yak, even in its final days

The app had gone downhill in the last year of its existence, when it took away anonymity before reinstating the option, but not before legions of its user base had abandoned it. Yik Yak had a past of running into trouble with bullying, harassment and security threats.

The company, once valued by investors at $400 million, had its engineering team and minor intellectual property looted by mobile payments company Square. In its lifetime, it managed to acquire $73.5 million in venture capital.

Yik Yak creators Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington said: “We’re grateful to the users who made Yik Yak a place for laughs, camaraderie, stress relief, social comfort, news, memes, class recommendations, campus spirit, and so much more.

“We’ve loved being part of your college experience over the past four school years.”