An ode to Shuffle bar, the best cocktail place in Brighton

Why not sit back and enjoy the subtle rivalry between the Alex Turner wannabes and the Beyonce beehive as they silently battle for song control?

Student life can feel less than glamorous at the best of times, and knowing where to go when you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank can be a drawback. Cue the students saviour for a “treat yo self” night…the Shuffle Bar & Kitchen.

Located, 27 York Pl, Brighton, in the darkened depths of London Road, a candle lit haven situated alongside Meat Liquor, Shuffle, is undoubtedly the student’s answer to a perfect night. With it’s deceptively  modest exterior, it welcomes all people, of all music tastes (whether you’re a Fratelli Fiend of Katy Kat) to its Public Jukebox and into its warm arms.

The atmosphere is pretty chill 

With golden toned fairy lights draped over every wall, it’s practically impossible to feel miserable. In a glimmering array of stars, the existential dread is, without a doubt, kept at bay. With deadlines looming like a thunderstorm, the stress can feel overwhelming. Admittedly, many breakdowns, due to staring at library walls for too long, have led us into Shuffle’s warm arms. 

The quirky, colourful pop art on the walls – ranging from Prince to Amy Winehouse will undoubtedly be a source of interest to one of your drunken mates. Discourses over which Amy Winehouse song was best and who the hell Ian Brown is will certainly provide conversation throughout the night. 

The bar is slightly petite but if anything that makes it feel more intimate, the warmly lit beer garden outside has heated booths if you fancy a smoke and drink. Sure it can get swarming at peak hours, but why wouldn’t it be?

Obviously the cocktails are on point

From classic Long Island Ice Teas, to Boston Beach Parties, picking one is an anxiety-inducing task in itself. Ice cream cocktail, or peanut butter and jelly shot? Impossible. Catastrophic. Admittedly a cheeky first world issue, but you’re guaranteed a phenomenal drink regardless. 

Watching the bar staff magically assemble the rainbow array of liqueurs into VERY generous drinks is entertainment enough, plus how many other places can you get a buff Oreo milkshake at 1am?

The bar is very student friendly 

Just because we’re all skint doesn’t mean we have to buy that cheap bottle of Soave from the Co-op every night. With Happy Hours (such as Monday to Wednesday all night 2-4-1 on selected cocktails, and £5.50 selected cocktails on Thursday and Fridays) treating yourself is dirt cheap. The 2-4-1 deals make splitting drinks something well recommended. You could end up with a stunning cocktail for less than that suspicious looking beer you’re holding…

Music is in the hands of the people 

To quote Shuffle’s websitea unique cocktail bar concept which literally puts music in the hands of its guests”. When they say literally they kid you not. The public Shuffle Jukebox means you can connect anyone’s phone and queue songs all throughout the night. Whether you want to scream along to The Final Countdown then seconds later perform a rendition of a Taylor Swift song, dedicated to your ex that you’ll undoubtedly regret the next morning (shudders at the memory), Shuffle would be the place to do it.

So why not sit back and enjoy the subtle rivalry between the Alex Turner wannabes and the Beyonce beehive as they silently battle for song control? Undoubtedly they’ll end up dancing together as they bond over Cheryl Cole’s “Fight For This Love”, which for some reason gets played by some randomer every goddamn night?

Staff are really friendly too 

The staff aren’t only brilliant at what they do, they’re lovely. If you’re stumped what to order, they will help you. If you don’t want to order a drink but are craving a plate of southern fried chicken, no worries. The crowd at Shuffle are fantastic and you won’t meet friendlier people. Dressed down in jeans or dolled up in diamonds, no one really cares or judges. All in all, it’s a bloody fantastic bar, and if you fancy a incredible night, Shuffle is the glittering answer. 

With an abundance of sparkle and cocktails, and enchanting bar staff- you’ll never feel more ‘Gatsbyesque’. So, “old sport”, sit back, relax and watch the sorcery that is cocktail making, admire the glittering fairy lights encompassing you, and for god’s sake dance till you can’t feel your legs. It’s that Cheryl Cole song again.