REVEALED: The best thing about Sussex

What did you vote for?

We wanted to know what you thought the best thing about Sussex was, so we let you create the ranking.

The votes are in for the best thing about Sussex and with over a hundred votes, you voted the Brighton seafront as your favourite thing about Sussex!

Despite the demise of the iconic and much-loved Brighton Wheel, the seafront is still a favourite spot for Sussex students. Whether it’s after a drunken night out at the seafront clubs or an escape from impending deadlines, the beach is a must for any student.

Brighton beach is where it’s at.

Not far behind was East Slope and Falmer Bar in the votes. Similar to last year’s vote with the seafront coming in second after the Lanes, and East slope and Falmer coming in third.  Although the construction of new accommodation to replace East slope is taking place as we speak, the bar is still a favourite among staff and students.

Skint Tuesdays and The Hatch for the win.

Coming in at the bottom with the least votes was UniTV, Sussex’s online TV station for students. Not far behind was Active US, maybe sports at Sussex aren’t as great as they seem?  Surprisingly, despite Sussex Student’s Union coming in last in last year’s vote, it received more votes this year, earning a middle spot within the votes.

The on-campus Sussex accommodation, Swanborough, was also low down on the list with few votes.  Although Swanborough is regarded as one of the nicest accommodations on campus, it fails to live up to expectation.

Not so great after all it seems…