Brighton is the second happiest city in the UK

We knew it all along

A survey conducted by the accommodation provider Sodexo has revealed the nine happiest cities for students in the UK.

Thousands of students have been asked to rank their university according to different criteria, such as educational standard, stress level, takeaway options or nightlife.

Brighton has been ranked as the second happiest city in the UK, following the Northern-Irish winner Belfast.

93% of students at Sussex and Brighton Uni were found to be extremely satisfied.

It is no coincidence that the city is often called ‘London by the sea’, as it offers the best from both worlds: a stunning nature, with the beach and the South Downs just outside the doorstep, and an amazing city life, with the various vintage shops in the North Laine, being only one of many highlights.

Apart from that, students in Brighton also benefit from an amazing nightlife, with a bazillion different clubs, pubs and bars that don’t leave any wishes open and always guarantee a successful night out.

However, as happy as students were in Belfast and Brighton, Oxford did not make such a positive appearance and accordingly has been ranked the UK’s most miserable student city.

Those that topped the list:

Belfast- 94%

Brighton – 93%

Coventry – 92%

Wolverhampton – 91%

Swansea – 90%

Leeds – 89%

Aberystwyth – 87%

Birmingham – 86%

Bristol – 85%