Clubbers of the week: St Patrick’s Day edition

This week’s clubbers will have you Dublin over with laughter

Clad in gold and green and putting away copious amounts of Guinness, the clubbers were out in force to celebrate St Paddy’s Day.

Here’s the best of a pretty messy bunch.

The Jameson’s Award (for good Irish spirit)

Runners Up

Third wheel of the week

Irish band lookalikes of the week

B*Witched? Is that you?


Boyzone meets Westlife

What the fuck of the week

“Oh shit …..”


“I’ve appropriated the wrong culture.”

Runner up

Please kiss me! I’m Irish!

I’m not Irish but kiss me anyway

Friday I’m in Love photos courtesy of Fat Poppadaddy’s.

Runway photos courtesy of Rox Promotions.

Molly Malone’s photos courtesy of Partirazzi.