Co-op meal deal prices set to increase

Price of meal deals to increase by close to 10% soon

The price of meal deals sold at Co-op are set to increase from £3.25 (£2.92 with an NUS card) to £3.50 (£3.15 with an NUS card) as of Wednesday the 15th of March.

The staggering 7.69 per cent increase in price has not only been set for the on campus Co-op, but for all Southern Co-ops and possibly elsewhere around the country. Albeit items sold in the meal deals remain unchanged, Co-op has opted to inflate prices and keep consumer choice high in order to compete with rival supermarkets who have decreased the range of their meal deals to compete with inflation.

According to Co-op employees about 800 meal deals are sold in a day.

Upon addressing the issue of being overpriced, Co-op employees expressed that the increase is out of their control as Southern Co-op is in charge of pricing the products, who are in discussion about how to ensure the best prices for student customers.

Students may still get a 10% discount with an NUS Extra card.

Rival supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, all offer meal deals from £3 who have chosen to limit their range rather than increase prices.

In addition, students have also expressed the impracticality of charging such unreasonable amount for basic necessities and have urged the Student Union to step forward and take action.

If customers have any questions about the Co-op you are welcome to approach a member of staff or email [email protected]

Should customers feel the desire to raise a complaint with regards to the price change they have been advised to refer to the Co-op website where they may send an e-mail with their concerns or fill out the comment form provided.