Stricter enforcements for parking on campus

New arrangements have been made regarding fines for incorrect parking on campus

Starting next month, on the 3rd April, new arrangements will come into place regarding tougher enforcements for parking on campus. The new arrangements means that fines will be immediately given to those breaking the car parking guidelines.

Car parking operator, First Parking, works in partnership with the Sussex Estate and Facilities offices to enforce parking restrictions. First Parking will also be able to get car information via the DVLA to pinpoint who is at fault.

The new enforcements are as follows:

You will be fined if your vehicle is not registered. 

You will be fined for not parking in a marked space. 

You will be fined for parking on double yellow lines. 

You will be fined for parking in a disabled bay without appropriate badges.

You will be fined for parking on pavements. 

You will be fined for parking on the grass. 

The only permits being issued between now and the end of the academic year are for the Bridge Car Park.

The Director of Residential and Campus Services, Charles Dudley, said, “Although the majority of staff and students who drive to campus register their vehicles and pay to park, an increasing number have not registered their vehicles and are not paying. We also know that drivers who have no connection to the University are parking here. The new enforcement arrangements are directed at those who have been abusing the system.

“Our priority is the safety of all members of the campus community. We have tried to avoid enforcement, but unfortunately we have little option now but to pursue this route. It brings us in line with the majority of universities in the country.”

The income from the fines will go towards covering the administration costs of the scheme and towards welfare projects for students and staff.