Overheard at VegFest

Some of the weird and wonderful things heard at the vegan festival this weekend

This weekend the Brighton Centre was home to VegFest, one of Europe’s biggest vegan festivals. With talks, cooking demonstrations, product stalls and comedy shows, the two-day festival had lots to offer the ticketholders. With attendees from all walks of life, we listened out for the weird and wonderful comments overheard throughout the festival.

Cookery demos


“Mushrooms are super lovely amazing, I love mushrooms.”

“What is polenta? Pretty sure I’ve sold a lot of it in Waitrose.”

“Sorry folks… cut myself a bit there. Nice bit of my blood in the polenta! Can I get a plaster, please?”

“I’m going to add some more soya cream to make it really like, creamy.”


“In Brighton, you can’t throw a Linda McCartney sausage in the air without hitting a vegan.”

“It’s like when you go to the seafront and all they do is chicken and chips or you’re sat next to someone with smelly lamb.”

“Being vegetarian is so 1847.

“I was actually accidentally vegan quite a lot.”

“I love being a part of this mass movement.”

“You didn’t have to eat that chicken curry, you twat!”

Market and stalls

“Vegan water? Did I just hear that right?”

“Are condoms not vegan? Oh crap, I just bought a 100 pack of Durex of off Amazon… I need to check.”

“When someone hears that you’re vegan or vegetarian they suddenly become a nutritionist.”

“It’s not called cheese anymore, it’s called Gary, is that right?”

“I just really love meat…Oops, I probably shouldn’t say that here, should I?”

“I live and breathe avocados.”