It’s time to accept it, Wetherspoons is the best pub

“Where do ya wanna meet?” “Spoons”

Wetherspoons. Everyone has their local Wetherspoons, and we’ve all been to one in the past month. We know their cheap reputation, yet we still go back for more. It’s time to face it, ‘spoons might just be the best pub. Here’s why:

They’re Everywhere

Walking into a Wetherspoons feels like greeting an old friend. No matter which corner of the country you find yourself in, you know exactly what you’re getting when you walk into old Spoons. You’ll have the same cocktail pitchers, the same blue floral plates, and the same great night.

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99p coffee with free refills until 2pm? Spoons has you covered for the morning after, as well as the night before. Especially when you add in the bonus of a full breakfast for less than a fiver. They give you the hangover, and then have the decency to cure it for you as well.


A pitcher of your favourite cocktail with 6 shots of spirit for less than £8? Hands down the best value pre-drink anyone could wish for. Grab a pitcher of Purple Rain, stick a straw in (If you get a glass you’re doing it wrong)  and drink up that great value goodness.

Curry Club

Curry Club. Every Thursday. You’re nearly at the weekend but need something to look forward to as it’s not quite Friday. Look no further, it’s the curry club to save the day.

The amount of choice

Beer? Cider? Wine? Cocktails? Craft Ales? Prosecco? Vodka? Whiskey? Gin? Jagerbombs? Whatever you’re in the mood for, Wetherspoons will have it. I mean, they even have hot mulled cider in winter. No one’s ever said “I don’t want to go to Spoons, they don’t have anything I like”.

It’s so cheap

What’s the point in spending £4.80 for a pint of fosters at a stuck up hipster pub when you can get your pints for £2.50 in Spoons. You’re not gonna find better-priced pub booze anywhere. As a student, Wetherspoon’s deals and prices are the best excuse to drink and forget about how much work we aren’t doing. Here, you can always justify telling yourself “It’s okay, you can afford to get another one”.

Let’s face it, you just can’t beat Wetherspoons’ food, drink, price and atmosphere, and don’t forget about those pretty plates.