Have you seen the new art project in Library Square?

Before you die, you’ll want to see this.

As part of Brighton’s SICK! festival, and the upcoming Fringe festival. the famous art project ‘Before I Die’ has been erected in our very own Library Square.

‘Before I Die’ is a participatory art project, inviting people to reflect on their lives, and write down their personal aspirations in public. I spoke to one of the builders, Keia, who told me more about the project.

The original concept was created by Taiwanese-American artist Candy Chang who, after losing a loved one, channelled her grief into this project by covering a crumbling house with chalkboard paint and stencilled it with, “Before I die I want to _____.”

Now established in over 70 countries worldwide, including Iraq, China, and Kazakhstan, the project reveals a community’s deepest emotions from struggles and anxieties, to joys and ambitions. You may have seen one of these walls in Camden Lock Market, but SICK! Festival has recently built more of these walls across the country, with three in Manchester, and another in Jubilee Square, Brighton.


Anyone can write anything they want. Whether people are serious writing, “Before I die, I want to travel the world” or funny “Before I die I want to find my g-spot”, the project is all about bringing together a community, sharing self-examination and empathy with each-other.

It also aims to exhibit our common humanity, and better understand “what it means to be human.” The wall will be up for 4 weeks, lasting the duration of the SICK! festival and a little beyond. So if you want to read other people’s life aspirations, or write your own, head up to Library Square soon.