How to help the homeless, from the homeless

‘People take the time to chat to me, I mean really chat to me, for hours’

Walking along the streets of Brighton, it is impossible to ignore the amount of people sleeping rough. After speaking to local charities and support networks that seek to help the homeless, it is important to talk to those who are experiencing homelessness first hand. We took to the streets of Brighton to chat to the homeless to get a first-hand account of how people can help them out.


Keeping shelters open for longer, all year round. There’s more places to stay during winter which is good but there’s nowhere to go after winter. And having something to do. It drives you nuts when there’s nothing to do all day – I can’t explain it.


People take the time to chat to me, I mean really chat to me, for hours, which is cool. I don’t hassle people too much so they don’t mind me sitting outside here. The charities are great but they can’t do much, it’s up to the council. Hostels can be expensive. Rent is more than steep. I got into one but my rent was a grand for a month and my job I got couldn’t cover food as well so I ended back here.


There’s only so much people can do. People don’t always treat us right, there’s addicts and drunks man, I get it, but it’s not all of us. But charities can’t do anything without the council helping out.


It’s cool when people take time out of their day to talk to you and even get you a coffee or something. People can be well nice, you know.


I’m sorry I can’t talk about that today, I’m already feeling unwell.