Society Spotlight: turning up with Sussex KPOP Society

KPOP means Korean pop if you were wondering

Continuing our society spotlight series, the Korean pop society (or KPOP for short) has caught our eye. A society based on the appreciation of Korean pop music, the group was originally just a small group of friends who decided to make a society to try and find others like them. We have recently met up with them and found that out for you. Let’s have a closer look at who they and what they do.


From casual meet-ups to becoming a society

 KPOP Soc started out as a small group of friends wanting to gather and share their interests in Korean music and culture until they became an official society three years ago. Their Facebook group now counts over 250 member and there are five committee members. The turnout to their weekly events varies, but it tends to be rather big as about 15 to 35 people usually show up.

Socials are a pretty big thing

The society really stresses the fact that they want to have fun and be very social, rather than just sit in a room and listen to KPOP. Every week, they plan activities or socials on or off campus. These vary from pub quizzes, Korean dramas and variety shows screenings in pajamas to club nights, house parties, cooking Korean food together, bowling, laser tag, karaoke nights, and so on. As many of them have become really good friends, they often hang out outside of society hours as well.

They also organize an end-of-year outdoor event based off of a Korean variety show called Running Man where participants play various mini-games before playing hide-and-seek with name-tags to rip off of each other’s backs to win.


They love to dance

 One of the main reasons why so many people enjoy KPOP is for its iconic choreographies. It only seems natural then for the society to give one-hour KPOP dance classes every other week for free. The members vote for both the song they want to dance to and the best time-slot for the class to take place on the Facebook group. Some classes are also available through Dance Society but a £3 fee is mandatory if you are not a member.

KTunes: Their very own radio show

 KTunes is the society’s weekly radio show which you can listen to on Saturdays from 4pm to 5pm on URF. Every week, the radio hosts may change and a theme to discuss is picked. Of course, throughout the show the hosts play some KPOP songs for you to enjoy while doing readings. The songs often correspond to the chosen theme.
Whether you have been into KPOP for years, or don’t know much about it and are curious to see what it is about, Sussex KPOP Society provides a good space for those with an interest in Korean music or culture to meet like-minded people. As it can be challenging to talk about KPOP with people who don’t know about it, this society is the right place for KPOP lovers to express their passion for this unique music genre.

The society wants to bring people together through fun and social weekly activities. Plus, membership is free so if you are interested, you can join their Facebook group to keep updated with their events, new music releases, and KPOP-related news.