East Sussex suicide prevention service faced with closure

The sanctuary’s Public Health funding ends at the end of the month

The Place of Calm is a peer-supported 24/7 crisis service working to reduce suicide rates in East Sussex by offering suicide prevention interventions, safety planning, emotional and psychological support, and practical support such as signposting, food, and a place to shower and sleep.

The service faces closure at the end of March if their funding ends after the pilot period. The Place of Calm has had over 70 residents since it was opened 18 months ago. Follow-up surveys have shown 94 per cent of people say the service saved their life.

An average of 77 people per year take their life in East Sussex and the Place of Calm is an initiative by Recovery Partners and Sussex Oakleaf to reduce this rate. One person who used the service said: “If it were not for the Place of Calm that day I would have taken my own life.

“I would like to thank all those that looked after me and supported me during my stay which has led to me feeling so much better.”

Sussex has a higher than average suicide rate and the Eastbourne-based service allows suicidal people to stay for up to 24 hours in a safe place and receive support from trained professionals, all of whom have lived through their own mental health struggles.

To help keep a vital centre open, sign the petition to ask the East Sussex Commission to keep The Place of Calm open.