Changes to bus services coming 23rd April

Will this affect how you get home after a night out?

There will be several changes to bus routes and timings on Brighton & Hove Buses, with changes taking effect from Sunday 23rd April, which marks the start of their summer timetable.

The Sussex Students’ Union provided what changes we can expect on the bus routes:

The 23 from Brighton Marina will operate directly via Boiler House Hill instead of Park Village and Northfield. It will also no longer stop at the University of Brighton campus, instead stopping at the Falmer station bus stop.

The 50U bus will now serve Northfield.

The 25/25X bus will have more time allowed to complete it’s journey from Monday to Friday. Evening services that go to Portslade Station will instead terminate at Palmeira Square where you will need to use buses 6 and 49 to continue your journey.

The N25 bus will operate between Old Steine and universities and more time is being given for the bus to complete it’s journey.

The 28 and 29 buses will have minor timing changes in the early mornings to some journeys.

Some  5b and 50U buses will run through campus.

To keep track of new bus timings and to make sure you don’t miss your ride, you can download the Live Times app. You can also check for timetabling information, fare prices, and set up your own used stops in order to plan journeys. You can also pick up a printed copy of the summer Bus Times publication to keep up to date with changes.