The best places to sort out your hangover on Sussex campus

Sleep, sleep, sleep


That morning after. Where you want to be no place else other than your bed, all snuggled up, blinds down, favourite Disney movie on, and avoiding any human contact like the plague.

Maybe the only presence you’ll wish to have that day is the comfort of a nearby bucket and a litre water bottle, which you’ll attempt to sip slowly but to no prevail due to your sickened stomach. It’s your own Day of the Dead. But as the dark shadows of deadlines and responsibilities loom over you, you know that you have to make an effort, despite your horrific state, appearance and lack of any motivation.

However I offer a better, and more comfortable, alternative. Bring Your Bed To Work Day. Yes I mean it. Bring your pillow, a duvet or blanket, and an eye mask, all in tow as you struggle your way through your day of seminars and lectures, you’ll soon be nursed back to health within a day from the only friend you can count on 24/7. It’s a day for self-comfort and self-loving, so here are some top tips for a time when you just want to rip your headache out, reverse time by 24 hours, and tell the world to fuck off.

I tried lectures

Working hard, or hardly working?

Along with your pillow and blanket, I would recommend bringing along some sunglasses to hide those tired and bloodshot eyes, because that’s a sight no one wants to see, particularly your lecturer. On a better note, you may be drifting away but the sunglasses gives you an edgy look and also makes it seem like you’re actually listening to the lecture, even if you do let out a few snores.

Well, it looks better that you turned up, rather than not at all. Plus, those plush seats are pretty comfy so if the room isn’t too busy, you can just stretch out, just like your bed at home. Win win.

The library sofas are pretty good

It’s oh so quiet….

Don’t get me wrong, these sofas are a god send. Especially when you have one just for yourself. You can get proper comfy and the high side and backs mean that hardly anyone will know you’re even there. Plus, it’s the library. A lot worse goes on here than just having a nap; lots and lots of crying, of course. So people will not judge you whatsoever.

What about the booths?

Spot the idiot

You can blend in almost here, never having to be disturbed for taking up space. Everyone else is in their own little bubble and so are you, except you are sleeping whilst everyone is reading.

Or maybe the library bookshelves?

We all know the library can be hectic, pretty much 24/7 these days. So if you find yourself in the most unfortunate of positions where there are no seats or comfy sofas whatsoever to curl up in ball, self-loathing your stupidness, find a section of the library most people never venture (I recommend Law, or Economics sections) and just mark your territory on the cold, hard, yet still surprisingly comfy, ground. Plus the lights are dim in these areas, so you can get some good sleep without any bright lights burning your retinas.

The Jubilee study pods?

These little study pods are perfect for those moments you want nobody to see your hideous appearance and lack of dignity. If you can, grab an empty pod and lay that sensitive head of yours down. It’s been a long day, you deserve it. They’re quite similar to the study pods in Jubilee, but they get taken pretty quickly so you will have to get there at the right time.

The great outdoors

Hitting a new low

Kicked out of the library? Or fancy some good old fresh air? There’s plenty of benches around campus to accommodate you if you find yourself in either of these predicaments, so take a pew and whip out the eye mask. They help to avoid eye contact with anyone who just does not understand the desperate need for sleep.

Just get back into bed, to be honest

Look at me! I’m so snuggly and cosy!

After your long hard day of lectures and (attempted) studying, you should just jump straight back into bed because there’s no place I’d rather be when the weather is rubbish and cold, and you’re just not feeling on top form. Sleep for eternity, because beds were made for this. Your relationship with your bed is only strengthened by your appreciation and loving, so snuggle up and forget the world exists.