You are now able to vote for your new Student Union Officers

They will be representing you!

The Sussex Students’ Union have now opened voting for all students of the University. Students are now able to elect 10 officers to lead the Students’ Union next year.

Six of these elected officers will work full time to support students through Societies, Citizenship, Activities, Welfare and improvements to education.

The remaining four officers will work part-time to form an “Executive Committee”, that involves LGBTQ+ Officer, Women Students’ Officer, Students with Disabilities Officer and Ethnic Minority Students’ Officers. 

Anyone who is a member of the Student’s Union can vote for the officers that they would like to represent them on Monday 27th of February until Friday 3rd of March.

Students will be able to rank the candidates they would like to vote through preference e.g 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice etc.

You can vote online through