Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Sorin

I’ve almost died 7 times, so I hope that I’ve got more than 9 lives

My name is Sorin, I’m 20 (or I will be at the beginning of March, but who cares) and I study Drama.

You heard right, that means that I was smart enough to choose a degree that fails to guarantee whether I might actually get a job. Anyway…there is a chance that I will become an actor, so that sounds good enough to risk it.

I currently live in Brighthelm, the best accommodation on campus.

Why is that? Because we have a fucking washing machine and a drier. There’s also a balcony which is so good when you need extra space to throw parties.

I need somebody, who can understand my moments of craziness and moments when the little me goes to the light (that means when I’m acing as a child). Also, somebody that likes to cuddle and hug, because what can be better than this sensation.

If you want to really turn me on, just bring Shakespeare and Brecht up in discussion and I’m already yours. If you don’t possess these skills then no worries, I’m sure you can find a way to turn me on anyway.

Interesting fact about yourself? I’ve almost died seven times, so I hope that I’ve got more than just nine lives. Plus, I smile quite a lot, and I’m very weird

Where would you take a girl on a date? First of all I will take her to a coffee, in this way I will be sure that I truly have a connection with her. Second of all, I will go with her to something unusual, maybe a planetarium, aqua park, rock climbing. As I said, I’m not that normal

Favourite sex position? The squat is the best for her, because she is enjoying sex and at the same time is exercising. What can be better than this? But when I’m lazy the magic bullet and missionary is better, because it’s easy

Stranded on a desert island, what’s the one thing you would bring? I will bring loads of vodka so that I will not feel alone on that island. This way I will have loads of friends when I will get drunk.

What’s the most attractive quality in a girl?  Cute around others, but when she is alone with you, the true ‘sex demon’ emerges (that makes the relationship interesting, but only if you are good enough to reveal the inner sex demon!)

Best chat-up line? Nice shoes, wanna fuck?

Wildest moment of university so far? Freshers week…so much shit and strange things happened in that week

Are you a Ryan Gosling or Spencer Matthews? Ryan Gosling, due to La La Land, in which he was great, and also because he is with Eva Mendes. She is so, so, so sexy…lucky guy