Hot dogs, desperation and pure cheese: Just your standard night at Pryzm, Brighton

I refuse to believe there are only three rooms

We all have that one club which you know you have to get paralytic to enjoy. For Brighton, Pryzm falls into this category.

No matter how long you’ve lived in Brighton there is a 90 per cent chance you will have experienced Pryzm at some point; whether it was an exploring night as a fresher or that you just stumbled upon it on a drunken night, you will at some point be stood in the cheese room with a VK in each hand singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Other than this somewhat embarrassing image, there are some pretty standard components that make Pryzm the gem in the Brighton crown that it truly is.

The cheese room

Whether it’s to see S Club 7 perform live or to generally get some classic dance moves in before the night finishes, the cheese room is undoubtably the go-to room for the night. Not only do they play throwbacks from our year five disco days, they have mirrored walls and a light up floor, what more could you ask for?

The food

Pryzm has started to dish out food like hotdogs, chips and burgers. Although possibly the worst looking things when your drunk, the reasonably priced food is something sent from the gods when you run up the stairs tired, sweaty and desperate for drunk nosh.

The boys

Now this doesn’t go for all boys of course, but from personal experience Pryzm is not a place you want to be left on your own until close because that’s when they strike. Once the VKs are finished with, the main room turns into a game of last ones standing; be prepared to see what is left over.

The majority of the time the lights will come on after the last song and just as everyone is getting their breath back, the look of fear will set in as they realise they haven’t pulled and so go on a pretty pathetic attempt to pick out the last stragglers, and usually end up calling an Uber up on their own.

Freshers’ Ball

Freshers’ Ball is the perfect time to introduce yourself to Pryzm. Everyone’s dressed up really classy; black ties, long dresses, heels. But trust me, this will not last long in Pryzm. Shoes will be thrown across the floor once the Macarena comes on, and by the time you get home you’ll only have half a fake eyelash as a reminder of how much time you spent putting makeup on for a night in which no one will even notice after the first four shots.

‘There is only three rooms’

Your friends will tell you there’s only three rooms, but you know for sure there is no way that’s true and that there must be at least 34 because there will never be a night that you don’t get lost. You’ll think you’re on the way to the basement room and suddenly be surrounded by people screaming lyrics to Sean Paul in the main room.

God forbid you ever lose your friends and have no signal on your phone because you immediately become a lost cause destined to forage for yourself around the inevitably sloshed students. But don’t worry, if all else is lost, Buddies is just down the road.