Sussex to increase accommodation prices for 2017/18

Rents will increase by £1.74 – £4.27 a week

Sussex University will increase the price for university managed accommodation for residents in the academic year 2017-18. The price increase is roughly two per cent taking East Slope from £86.82 per week to £88.56 and Swanborough from £150.01 per week to £153.01.

The exception to this is Stanmer Court, the price of which will increase by £4.27 per week, almost a three per cent, from its current price of £142.47 per week. The university housing service has been approached for comment on the higher inflation of Stanmer Court prices.

East Slope is one of the accommodations that will be affected

Duncan Michie, who has been actively involved in the Sussex Cut the Rent campaign said: “We as a campaign were told that the university would install a rent cap in line with our loans so they could no longer continue with the relentless overpricing of our accommodation.

“However if they fail to keep to their word we as students will go on rent strike, we already have more people signed up than all other current rent strikes combined plus having the added bonus of having an extra two months to build for it.”

The Cut the Rent campaign are demanding 70/70 housing. This means the cheapest halls should be 70% of the minimum loan (£69 per week) and the most expensive should be 70% of the maximum loan (£148 per week).

Find the Sussex Cut the Rent Facebook page here.