The most annoying things that happen to you in the library

Please shut up

The library is a university treasure, the place where the procrastinators go to procrastinate with a little less guilt. The type of place you can go to be more efficient with work and you end up sitting in the library cafe for a 4 hour break.

Yet even though this should be a educational nirvana for some, there is no doubt disruptions to the status quo that really gets on your nerves. Let’s look at the evidence

Your best friend wants to constantly harass you

They’ll always catch you

You’re ducking and dodging, trying to avoid everyone you know in the hope you can finally get some work done. You’ve made it up the stairs to the library, you’ve made it past the barriers, dodged the people at the computers and just as you sit down you get caught. Your best friend has finally found you. I mean, you want to see them. But not here. Not when I’m studying. Please.

There’s always one guy talking


It doesn’t matter where you go someone’s always got something to say; usually it’s about what they’re going to do later. Whilst you’re nose deep into some 17th century Scottish literature some gimp is making a racket either on the phone or to their mates talking about how sick Pryzm was last night.

The booth notes get a bit personal

Are you sure?

The booths in the library are areas of mass-seclusion and madness. As you shut off the world for an hour, locked inside a miniature wooden asylum, people start to go a bit crazy. Writing on the walls of their cell is one of the things a disturbed student will do to pass the time.

The Wi-Fi is hit or miss

I feel like I’m on those mountains trying to find signal here

Moving from one floor to another can make you feel like you’ve migrated across the Atlantic. You would think that the one place dedicated to learning would have decent connection but alas, Eduroam is one thing you can constantly rely upon to let you down.

Loud breathers keep putting you off

You don’t need to get up every two seconds and come back out of breath.

A leprechaun keeps taking out books before you

It happens every time. The library catalogue says they have your book, you double check and make sure there’s not an online version available. After noting down the number you go for an adventure across two floors only to find there’s nothing there. Why is this happening? Leprechauns that’s who.


Someone in the opposite booth has beaten you to the foot space race

There’s honestly no point even stretching your feet now. You’ve lost. At the very best you can wait for a comeback if they leave, but let’s be honest, your pride has already taken a hit. Time to recluse your feet back under your chair and accept defeat.