Results are now released, but how will you be dealing with them?

Its that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again. The clouds are looming, it’s pissing it down, and the January exam results are about to come out. It’s time to batten down the hatches and hope for the best. We all know the pre-results nerves, that feeling of dread as you start to question your life choices as the page loads with the results you’ve been dreading.
At this stage it can go one way or the other, you and your friends are either joyously reaching for the prosecco or drowning your sorrows in some six quid vodka. Either way, a lot of drinking will be involved.
We asked some students how they are feeling about today’s results and how they will be celebrating (or commiserating).

Katie Jarret: Studies Business management

I’m already planning my retakes. I’m probably going to be asleep when they come out I’m not going to lie. But I will probably drink through the pain, I mean first year doesn’t count anyway.

 Becky Waldron: Studies Journalism

Oh my God is that tomorrow?! I didn’t even know – well I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that well but umm I mean there’s retakes and alcohol…

Alex Benfield: Studies Linguistics

I can’t wait to see how badly I’ve done… Friday night will be spent drinking either way.

Guy Hawkins: Studies Automotive Engineering

I feel shit. Shit but also I want to know I have failed rather than have the anticipation.

Julian Barnes: Studies Politics

I just feel like a champagne cork ready to burst, a shaken up champagne bottle full of butterflies.


Adrian Stachurski: Studies Mechanical Engineering

I think I will be on the vodka by 11am not going to lie, maybe even earlier. I mean as long as I pass, which I am pretty sure I will then that’s all that matters right?

James Howe: Studies English

I am excited an anxious, a combination of the two. I’ve had sleepless nights… If I fail my exams at least I have my xylophone career to fall back on.



I’m just planning on going for it again and just keep retaking and never leave. I drink most days so tomorrow I will just increase the uptake and drink more so I don’t remember what grade I got.