Stock up your shelves, Aldi to close for a week

Where will we buy our knock-off food?

From Norpack to Seal bars, students love the affordable (and hilariously named) products that Aldi has to offer. On the same road as Iceland and Poundland, Brighton’s London Road branch is popular with students and families alike.

Which is why we’re sad to hear that we won’t be able to enter the temple of unbeatably cheap foods for a whole week this month, due to refurbishment work. What will the refurbishment bring? More isles? More tills?

As the sign in the store shows, the branch will be closed for a week from 10pm on Friday 23rd February, reopening at 8am on the morning of Thursday 2nd March.

If you’re desperate for your Aldi fix, you can take a trip to one of their other stores in Portslade and Lewes. In the meantime, stock up on your baked beans and bourbons, it’s going to be a long week.