Your parents are having the time of their life now you’re at uni

I guess we both are now

After 18 years at home, you’ve flown the nest and moved to uni, leaving your parents behind as they wave teary-eyed from the rear view mirror. How will they cope without you? While you’re off having the time of your life, they’ll surely be waiting by the phone for an update on what you’re eating, and staring wistfully at your empty spot at the dinner table.

Or maybe not. Visiting home, you may expect star treatment; your favourite dinners, bubble baths, remote control jurisdiction and all. But it turns out, while you were living your best life, so were they. Here are the ways our parents have more fun while we’re at uni:

They go to out on the lash (which they’ll plaster all over social media)

Free of the shackles of their offspring, your parents copy the student lifestyle by going out on the lash. Whether it’s extravagant cocktails, aged wines, or craft beers, our parents know how to party; that is if that party finishes by 10pm. But you won’t miss out on all the fun, as they’ll be sure to document their sesh via snapchat selfies and Facebook check-ins.

They go to loads of concerts and shows

Despite being well within their rights to leave you at home from your early teens, our parents suddenly feel a sense of freedom once we’re away, going to concerts, comedy shows, and various other events. Ticket after ticket come through the letterbox, even when you’re back home for the holidays. To add insult to injury, they’ll go to events you’d happily attend. You’ll ask what we’re going to do tonight and get the reply ‘Well I don’t know about you, but we’re going to see Jack Whitehall’. Where’s my invite?!

They get some weird new hobbies

Without you and your siblings hanging around at home, your parents might start taking up new hobbies to fill their time and meet new people. This might include the classic examples of fishing or baking, but may also involve some more ‘fun’ activities; in the case of my mum and dad, beekeeping (though it’s pretty cool to have our own honey).

They get a pet

After years of you begging for a pet without any success, suddenly the possibility of a cute, baby-like thing to take care of seems more tempting to your parents once you’re not there to look after anymore. Whether it be a cat or dog, their new four-legged ‘child’ will get spoiled with treats and cuddles, and you’ll have a stare-off when they take your spot on the sofa. Not today pup, not today.

Your bedroom becomes a storeroom for all their new stuff

‘Er, mum, when did my wardrobe become your wardrobe?’. With your absence comes a new storage space, or maybe a home gym, office, or art studio. Walking into an exercise bike where your bed used to be, it’s almost as if they’re trying to tell you something. They could even go so far as buying a new vehicle or a timeshare. Meet Doris the campervan, who unsurprisingly only came with two seats, is that a hint? (She doesn’t fit in my room though).

But they deserve it

It’s almost as if our parents are allowed to live fulfilled lives without us, how rude? After 18+ years of taking care and loving you, it’s probably fair they let their hair down and have a good time. Having a break away from our families can remind us of how much they do for us, and that they’re actual people too. Maybe they’ll even let you join them on their fun-filled day trips.