Don’t panic, but Ikea is coming to Sussex

As part of a £170m development plan for the area

Everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture store is coming to Sussex it has been revealed. This will be the first store in the area, with the nearest currently being in Croydon.

This new store is part of a proposed development which will also see the construction of 600 new homes, providing 1000 jobs. Furthermore, £40 million will be used to improve transport in the area.

The store will be situated in Lancing, 10 miles away from the Brighton city centre. The development plans are set to be the largest financial project in the area’s history, including the building of the Amex stadium.

The new Ikea store will be 35,000 square metres, housing a restaurant, crèche, and children’s play area.

Ikea’s real estate manager, Tim Farlam, has said:

“This site presents a great opportunity, given its scale, accessibility and location. A new store here would provide people from the greater Brighton area with relevant home furnishing solutions and will create local jobs.”

The total development plans are as follows:

  • £170 million total invested.
  • New Ikea store, 35,000 sqm. Creates new jobs, approx 800.
  • 600 new houses, including affordable housing.
  • £40 million traffic and road improvement.
  • Approx £11 million contributed to the local economy.
  • £2.75 million contributed to council.
  • New park and primary school.
  • 2,000 jobs created and £ 50 million contributed to the local economy.