Sussex Students’ Union launches new ‘Take Care’ taxi scheme

It’ll get you home safely when you’ve run out of money

The University of Sussex’s Students’ Union has joined forces with Brighton and Hove City Cabs to offer penniless students taxi rides back home. The scheme aims to get all students home safe, even if they’ve lost or splashed all of their cash on a night out. Students who use the service will only need to pay their cab fare the following day at the students’ union.

To make use of the scheme, students will need to call City Cabs (01273 555555) or approach any of its taxis, quoting “Sussex Students’ Union Take Care scheme”. Once in the taxi, show your student card, and the driver will take down your details before driving you to your chosen destination. The receipt the driver gives at the end of the journey must be taken to the students’ union reception and paid in full the next day.