A complete guide on how to prepare for the uni ski trip

Ski hard, drink harder

University ski trips are notorious for being a glorified bar crawl to the Alps and there’s no denying that they’re not for the faint hearted.

From the 20-hour coach journey, to the slopes, to the wild nights out, here’s a guide for surviving a uni ski trip.

Sleep on the coach

It’s the most sleep you’re going to get for a week so get as much of it as you can on the journey there.

Choose your coach alcohol carefully

Steer clear of beer unless you want to visit the coach toilet every ten minutes. Even spirit mixers can be a bit risky. The safest bet is spirits with mixer chasers – not the loveliest drink, but probably nicer than an overflowing toilet.

Be prepared to become uncomfortably close with your roommates

The rooms aren’t massive and once alcohol is involved anything goes from communal bathing to debates on how close two individual couples can have sex without it being an orgy.

Stock up on the painkillers

If there’s any hope of getting any skiing done, you’ll need some chemical relief. Ski resorts are party towns and you’ll need painkillers and vitamins to see you through.

Take a hip flask

Alcohol on the mountain can be expensive, so a hip flask stashed in your salopettes can be invaluable for a hair of the dog, or an added kick to apres drinks.

Brush up on your drinking skills

You will drink a lot and in the most creative ways. You will be learn ways to consume alcohol in more ways than you ever thought possible – long arms, gun chugs, off a ski, out of a saucepan, through someone’s dirty old sock or absolutely anything else that can hold drink.

Get comfortable with nudity

On the slopes, at apres, on nights out. Something about the mountain air makes uni students want to take their clothes off at any possible moment with the smallest amounts of persuasion. Some may relish in it and indulge themselves in some naked cage dancing, others are more hesitant, but everyone does it.

Go in on the fancy dress

Fancy dress is a fundamental part of ski trips. It’s hilarious on nights out and the more effort you put into it the more fun it is. However, hitting the slopes in your fancy dress tends to say ‘twat’ louder than it says ‘legend’.

Be safe and wear a helmet

It’s been said a thousand times but every year some on injures themselves because they’re not wearing a helmet. It may not be the most stylish part of your outfit, but it will have its uses.

Booking for the Sussex Snow Easter trip reopens on Sunday 20th at 6pm. All information can be found here.