Sussex University issues statement on exams and train strikes

Who else but Southern Rail?

The University of Sussex has issued a statement concerning further Southern Rail delays from Monday 9th January to Saturday 14th 2017.

Sussex University is urging students to arrive much earlier than usual in order to combat the train strikes and will be making suitable arrangements should they be required.

Southern Railway are advising passengers not to travel during strike days as there are delays expected, and potentially no journeys available to Falmer station during this time period.

This news comes after a turbulent month of strikes across Southern Rail that has already contributed to eight official days of strikes so far.

The University of Sussex have advised that students who have exams at the beginning of January to be on campus early, and to make sure these delays do not effect their attendance or progress.

The University have also stated that any updates within the New Year will be announced. Sussex are also looking into the possibility of additional arrangements to assist students in getting to campus for the 5pm exam on Thursday 5th January.

There will also soon be additional transport options posted on the University’s webpage for students usually travelling to Falmer through Southern Rail.

Keep an eye out on the Sussex social media, emails, and study direct to see if any changes may occur.