Brighton is the second least affordable place for graduates in the UK

London was first

In research that was published today by Pareto, Brighton is the second least affordable place for graduates, with London topping the charts and Oxford coming third.

The research looked at 30 cities across the UK which assessed the average price of a two bed flat and the average price of goods and services when compared to the capital.

The goods and services were compared to per £100 spent in London to see if they were cheaper or more expensive to provide the ‘cost of living’ score.

The top 10 least affordable cities for graduates are as follows:


The research also assessed the locations that would be the most affordable for graduates, with Belfast topping the charts.

Suzie Berry, Head of Candidate Experience at Pareto, said: “The affordability of the capital cities of Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh shows that graduates needn’t head to London in search of graduate employment.

“Despite the lures of the South East, the prospect of more affordable living and cheaper rent can outweigh a higher wage packet.”


She continued: “London will always draw graduates due to its size and wealth of opportunity – it is the basis for many employers and average and starting salaries are more attractive.

“But many companies have headquarters and offices throughout the UK, where getting on the career ladder can be easier as well as more affordable, so it pays for graduates to keep their options open.”