Could the University of Sussex have a new campus in Hastings?

According to the head of Hastings Council, we could

With the imminent closure of the University of Brighton’s Hastings campus, the University of Sussex have allegedly been in contact with the head of the Hastings Council to expand the University of Sussex into Hastings, according to the Brighton & Hove Independent.

The Brighton & Hove Independent have quoted the head of the Hastings Council, Peter Chowney, stating: “Hastings Council, along with Rother Council and East Sussex County Council, commissioned an independent report on the provision of higher education in Hastings, which recommended that as well as supporting the proposed university centre proposals to be provided by SCCH in partnership with UoB, we should also seek other partners to establish a new university campus in Hastings.

“Sussex University have informally expressed a potential interest in Hastings as part of their expansion plans, so we will be talking to them about that in the new year.”

However, a representative from the University of Sussex is quoted as saying: “This isn’t something the University of Sussex is considering.”

So does this mean there could be another Skint night? Or is this all an early April fools? We’re unsure, but with Peter Chowney being quoted as saying “this must not be the end of a university in Hastings”, we wouldn’t rule it out completely.