Sussex’s most eligible bachelors nominee: Ethan

Ideal date? “Drinking a bottle of wine underneath a raggedy bridge”

Ethan, 19, Philosophy and Politics


The names Ethan Baker and I come from Essex and I’d say I’m doing very well, thanks for asking. Voutee is what I speak and the music is how I live. I ain’t nobody but a song and dance tambourine man who will dance with your senses. I like yellow socks and beautiful people.

Favourite colour of socks: Yellow

What fictional character who would you be: Dorian Gray

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be: Oscar Wilde

Penguins or Otters: Penguins, a million times over

Jennifer or Angelina: Angelina

Most annoying habit: Playing music very loudly

Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex: Hip bones

What vegetable would you be: Beetroot, because it stains people

Ideal date: Drinking a bottle of wine underneath a raggedy bridge

Favourite sex position: Haha…I’m saving myself for someone special

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