This guy swam in a huge muddy puddle at Lewes bonfire

Firecrackers exploded around him while he did it

guy fawkes Lewes bonfire November 5th

On Saturday an estimated 40,000 people flocked to Lewes, the ‘Bonfire capital of the UK’, in what proved a to be a great night despite the Southern Rail strikes.

Several bonfires and firework displays took place around the town, the biggest being the Waterloo fire site which takes place in boggy playing fields.

Whilst most were content to watch the fireworks and have a beer on the freezing evening, local lad Leon Allen stripped to his T-shirt in the freezing weather to brave a 30ft muddy puddle for a dare.

Leon in warmer waters

Leon said: “It was all down to peer pressure, I’m always one for the lads. I’ve done stuff like this so many times. I’m in the army so I’m used to doing dares.”

The reward for Leon’s dare was a single pack of chewing gum, but he was beaming.

“If I make someone smile, I’m happy, and if I get an opportunity to make someone laugh I’ll do it,” he added.

Members of the Waterloo Bonfire Society threw firecrackers into the puddle as Leon swam, creating explosions of fire and water.