Trump effigies burnt in Lewes Bonfire 2016 celebrations

The only night when Guido Trump is a thing

Lewes’ annual bonfire celebrations are infamous for its ritual burning of noteworthy figures, and 2016 was no exception.

This year’s choice was hardly a surprise: numerous Donald Trump effigies were paraded through the streets, as angry spectator’s booed and jeered, before the societies burnt the floats to the ground.


Other noteworthy figures of derision included this statuette of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The subsequent bonfires and firework displays were equally as spectacular…but this shouldn’t come as any great shock. We’ve come to expect so much from Lewes that we almost take it for granted, but watching the display from above the town, or from beside a gigantic plume of flames, is incredibly special.

Resultantly, numbers were strong – with an estimated 30-40,000 people descending on Lewes for the celebrations.


The figure, whilst impressive, was noticeably lower than in previous years. It was believed to have dropped due to the Southern Rail strikes afflicting the town and nearby stations, leaving many without transport to and from the processions.

The queues for busses were silly, it must be said. Without trains for most of the evening, bonfire-goers were forced to queue in huge numbers, and whilst busses were far more regular, it made the journeys infinitely more difficult. Thanks, Southern Rail.


Of course, as with any carnival as dramatic as Lewes’, there were unfortunately a number of mishaps, with reportedly 81 injuries treated and two arrests made by Sussex Police.

Featured image courtesy of drgabe1985 via instagram