Students of Sussex: Let’s make Yik Yak great again

Yik Yak is dead, let’s revive it

Yik Yak, a place where once a Sussex student could relax, read some funny anecdotes, and occasionally dabble in some anonymous political debate. Life was good back in 2015, a man/woman could throw out some hilarious banter about Brighton being inferior to Sussex and get around 40 upvotes. The highlight of this year’s Yik Yak game was discovering that Northfield had it’s door ripped off and thus Yik Yak got off to a good start.

Now, it has all changed.

The previous sexual Yaks that were usually posted around 2am and always ended up being two straight blokes wanting to meet the other ‘girl’ have now dominated the newsfeed. No more do we see interesting updates on all the gossip happening on campus but now we see people asking for weed or drugs in a pretty bait way.



Lets face it, Sussex Yik Yak is now dead.

Some of you may blame this on the new update which has ruined the format. The new handles and loss of the local top yak leaderboards may have contributed indeed to the slow painful decline of the Sussex Yik Yak. Handles have seemed to ruin the format as people are more wary what they say. You might think this is a good thing, but this negatively impacts the uprising comedic stars among us. They may be nervous posting a questionably funny yak  but the weirdos who post stuff wanting to meet other people for sex will still do it because, well, they’re fucking weirdos.

So does this problem lie in other people then? No, the problem lies in us. For too long we have neglected this unsung part of our culture. We must revive Yik Yak and restore it to what it once was. Yik Yak is a part of Sussex  as cheese is a part of a pizza, yeah you can have it without but it ends up being pretty plain.

Even now a quick glance at my Yik-Yak feed I am drowning in posts of people who are tired, horny, or ‘can’t be bothered with uni’ and it makes me want to rip my hair out. Where are the funny posts, the deep debates, the funny photos? It has been way too long since I have seen a post with anything more than 20 upvotes.

We need to band together to make Yik Yak great again. It is time to stand up and take back our platform. Do not be afraid to have some banter with Brighton students, it comes with the territory. Do not fear that your meme may not be funny, post it anyway. And for fucks sake, no one has ever got laid through Yik Yak so stop begging.