Uber could be coming to Brighton tomorrow

It is if the rumours are to be believed…

Uber is the revolutionary new way to travel that has taken cities by storm. You download an app, submit a trip request when you need to travel, and the nearest available driver will be sent straight to you. Uber drivers use their own cars, instead of taxis. Your fare is calculated by the app, and then your payment is forwarded on to your driver.

And now it could be coming to change transport in Brighton.

Earlier this week, the app hosted a series of information sessions for drivers, sparking a theory that it could start delivering transport as early as tomorrow, October 28th. However, at this point, these are just rumours.


If it is launched tomorrow, it will likely be at 4pm as that has been the case with launches in other cities.

As mentioned last year in our earlier article that covered the announcement of Uber’s arrival in Brighton back in 2015, an Uber spokeswoman told the BBC:

“We submitted our application over seven months ago and we’ve since seen over 85,000 people download and open the app so we’re excited about the potential in the region.”

Uber has been praised for it’s fast service, friendly drivers and low fare rates. However, it has also caused issues with taxi drivers who argue that this “pirate taxi” method is detracting from their business, and from governments who have questioned whether or not it should be legal to have unlicensed taxi drivers.