Mathematicians have created Brighton’s most efficient pub crawl

Who knew that maths would actually have some use

A group of academics have calculated the most efficient pub crawl around Brighton. Thanks to the reviews and ratings of pub guide Pubs Galore, this version of google maps plotted the coordinates of each pub in order to choose the shortest route which were featured in the ratings.


The map has included 185 pubs all across Brighton 

The crawl includes 185 of Brighton and Hove’s finest pubs, with the likes of The Basketmakers, The Bevy, The Lion and Lobster, and The Foragers. Although in reality, none of this even matters considering that this so called pub crawl fails to include some of Brighton’s best loved pubs.

However Spoons, Pav Tav or the Rose Hill Tavern, get a mention.

It may have taken two years to solve this mathematical conundrum, but the outcome is quite impressive. Named the ‘travelling salesman problem’, this map works out the shortest route between any number of locations before then returning to the starting point. Although with 185 of the city’s finest pubs, it is unlikely any pub goer will be able to crawl, let alone walk, from one pub to the other. By the end of the night no boozer will be able to stand up, or even care which pub they are at.

The map, which can be found here, also covers some of the other big cities in the UK including London, Nottingham, and Leeds.