Further deadline extensions due to continued IT problems

Deadlines for next week have also been extended

Following further issues with the Sussex websites, the university administration have decided to extend the deadlines for assignments due from the 31st October – 4th November to 7th November.

Sussex admin recognised that the issues have hindered students’ ability to access vital material for completing assessments and revision.

Disgruntled students called for extensions on their deadlines and the university has granted this saying: “The recent issues with the availability of Sussex Direct and Study Direct may have impacted upon students’ ability to access study materials required to complete assessments.

“Therefore, following usual policy and practice, the University has decided to extend affected assessment deadlines.”


Problems with Eduroam, SussexDirect and StudyDirect over the weekend lead to the university extending deadlines from the 24th-27th October to Monday 31st October.

This extension has been expanded to assignments due this week although in-person presentations will remain unchanged.

The issues began on Saturday and have slowly been resolved since then.

The cause of the problems were identified on Monday and StudyDirect went back up on Tuesday.

There will be a systems update tonight and the revised submission dates will appear on Study Direct tomorrow.