The Co-op is by far the worst thing on campus

It’s bascially an unnecessary evil

We’ve got 99 problems and our Co-op just so happens to be most of it.

Before starting university, I asked my friend who was already at Sussex if there were any convenience stores nearby. She replied: “We’ve got a Co-op, but I would’t rely on it if I were you.”

I couldn’t quite understand what she meant, but now, to my bitter misfortune, I seriously do.

The queues are too fucking long

On my first trip to the Co-op I waited 17 minutes to buy a packet of Quavers. Students, teachers and staff have to cluster themselves together in an excuse of a line because of the nightmare of the vicinity. Why doesn’t the queue ever seem to move? You’re always stood there in the exact same position you stated in, trying to avoid small talk with the guy next to you.

Everything is almost always, or usually out of stock

Why is it that every single time I go the Co-op ever so conveniently runs out of Doritos or Moroccan Chicken cous cous? I think we need to refresh our memory with the basic economic phenomena of demand and supply. When there is demand there should, ideally also be supply, to suffice the demand. Yes, there is 1500 of us and only one of you, but ever heard of restocking?

The Meal Deals are absolutely awful

Can we take a moment to talk about the meal deals available? The meal deals suck. They do have a wide range to chose from, but it’s shit. If any of us were to post it on Meal Deal Talk we’d probably get called a nonce with a father who sells Avon – we wouldn’t get out alive. To be fair, if we’re spending £3.25 on a meal like that then it seems quite fitting to get called a nonce and have a father who sells Avon.

Run along, nothing to see here.

Run along now, nothing to see here…

Ridiculous prices

Last but not least is the sky high prices they charge. I’ve only got two words for this, daylight robbery. This is possibly the worst thing about the Co-op. We are students for crying out loud, you’re not gonna get two quid off me for a tiny fruit salad. Freshers have described the establishment as “unreasonable” and “a fucking joke really”.

But you know what, at the end of the day if we’re not getting ripped off then we’re not really living in Britain.