Sussex students to express views on recent domestic violence case

There is going to be an open event

Sussex University have invited Professor Nicole Westmarland to reevaluate the university’s handling of the recent domestic violence case involving a lecturer and a student.

Professor Westmarland, of Durham University, will be holding a open event for students to visit so they can express their opinion on the case.

The open session will be held Tuesday 27 September, 2-3pm in Terrace room, Bramber House.


Professor Nicole Westmarland

Professor Westmarland is the director of the Durham research centre into violence and abuse. She will act as a outside expert in order to reevaluate the practices and handling of Lee Salter’s domestic violence charges.

It was revealed that the media and communications lecturer was still employed by Sussex University despite being charged for domestic violence against his student girlfriend.

Within hours of the story being published, petitions were organised requesting Salter’s immediate dismissal and within a few days he was no longer employed by Sussex University.

If you would prefer to contribute to the review in writing or anonymously. You can write to Professor Westmarland at 32 Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3HN, or email [email protected]