15 of the best places to eat in Brighton

We do more than just fish and chips

Brighton is known for having a lot on offer for students and residents alike. Whether that is a amazing beach, shopping or great nightlife there is so much on offer.

Brighton of course has more than just fish and chips on offer and the ethical nature of Brightondonians means that their diets are a bit more adventurous and special than the normal layman. We recently did a article about the best vegan places to eat in Brighton, now here are the rest of those culinary spots.


This Mediterranean wonder offers some of the finest grilled meats. This restaurant, which is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the centre of Brighton, offers amazing service and really good food. Be sure to try the platter. Find more about them here


The place that is just as good during the night as it is during the day. Many a weary person has come here for fish & chips, burgers, breakfast, pretty much anything night and day they have it. Buddies is easy to get to and sticks out on the seafront. More on Buddies found here

Brew dog brighton

A very traditionally Brighton bar with craft beer, hipsters, and amazing food. The burgers, hotdogs, and chips on offer are out of this world and you can wash it down with a 5am red ale (even though they would probably recommend something better to compliment the taste). More can be found here.



For those who went on a ‘gap yah’ Vietnamese food is no stranger to you. No where in Brighton does it better than Pho. Pho is located near The Mesmerist. More can be found here


You may not have even realised that Revs even do food. You’re too busy making the most of their cocktails and smoking shisha in the back. Revolution has a nice menu on offer and the BBQ ribs are amazing. Make sure to get a cocktail as well. More on Revolution can be found here.

Burger brothers LP


You can probably guess what these guys are known for.  What you may not have known is that their milkshakes are just as mind blowing. They can be found here

Bens cookies

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Ben’s cookies is location just off West Street and offers freshly cooked cookies. They obviously have the traditional chocolate chip but they also offer Jaffa cake, nutella, and nutty cookies. More about them can be found here


This restaurant is North African themed and offers the likes of wood pigeon, lamb, duck, and other moroccan delights. The restaurant offers more of a experience that others don’t offer and they do it well. Mascara usually feature exotic dancers as entertainment. More can be found here

Bath Arms

The Bath Arms is located in the Brighton lanes and offers classic pub food and Sunday roasts. They also have a lot of local ales on tap and is a very specious location to kick back and tuck into your steak pie. More can be found here

Fish and liquor

Fish & Liquor is located next to the Sea Life Centre. They offer gourmet fish meals and offer soft drinks and coffee as well as some of the finest craft beers. More on them can be found here

Carlito Burrito

Carlito Burrito offer, pretty much anything you can fit in a taco, fajita, or on nachos and so much more. They offer Arrachera Steak and a whole lo of tequila based cocktails. Located near St James Church, their details can be found here

Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor is a cool place that celebrates everything ‘meat’. Calling anything that doesn’t contain meat ‘rabbit food’, Meat Liquor is a cool place to enjoy a ‘dead hippie burger’. More on them can be found here


Touro is located on West street and provides a unlimited meat buffet. Waiters walk around with different cuts of meat and will serve you at your table. Waiters are told using a traffic light system to bring food, to stop, or to take away plates. The price is really good and you can get as much meat before you explode. More can be found here



Donatello is a Italian restaurant located in the Lanes. The pizzas and pasta on offer are a great price so if you are looking for a big outing this is the best place you for. Their website can be found here



The Japanese restaurant Pompoko is a small restaurant near the Brighton dome.  They have a gallery of all of their food online so you get an idea what seseme tofu don looks like. They also have a gift shop and great food. More can be found here, have a look at their gallery.