Sussex is in the top 25 unis in the UK

Suck it Russell Group

The centre of world university ranking have place Sussex university as 23rd in the UK and 257th in the world.

Sussex beat the likes of LSE, Exeter, Royal Holloway, and Essex overall. Brighton university  placed 807th in the world and ranked 60th in the UK.sussex-2

The rankings were determined by the quality of education, publications, patents, Alumni employment, and quality of faculty to give a overall ranking out of 100. Sussex ranked 46.53 with Harvard scoring the full 100 and topping the leaderboard.

Cambridge is the highest out of all of the UK universities with Oxford trailing not far behind with a overall score of 96.13 and 95.39 respectively.

Sussex have been doing very well in university rankings. Sussex earlier this year climbed from 21st to 18th in the ‘complete university guide’ rankings. These rankings however put LSE as 3rd in the UK whereas CWUR put them as 27th.