Ikea could be coming to Sussex

The Swedish chain has confirmed this it is looking at sites in Sussex

Swedish furniture giant Ikea admits it is looking at a potential site in West Sussex.

The chain could be moving to New Monks Farm, in Lancing, a 15 minute drive from the Sussex campus. 1510103_4cbd36cc

Brighton and Hove Albion had purchased the land which has been reserved for 600 homes as part of the Adur local plan. This plan was drawn up by the local councils to create employment, homes, and a new primary school.

Ikea said: “We have been evaluating a number of potential sites for an Ikea store in West Sussex. At this stage we are only making preliminary inquiries and have nothing further to confirm.”

As of yet, there has been no set date of when we could potentially see the furniture chain come to Sussex. However. we are all hoping this becomes a reality and our homes become a wonderland of flat packs