How to avoid tourists in Brighton

Summer is coming

You’s think that living in what is apparently the town that boasts the sunniest campus in Britain over summer would be nothing but a joy, but factor in the 8 million+ tourists who hit Brighton every year, and it becomes a struggle to find anywhere to hang out. For the past two years, Brighton has been the most popular UK hotspot for overseas tourists, and a popular choice for day trippers from across the country.

During the colder months, the problem isn’t so bad, and besides, you’ve got 4 essays due and 3 nights out a week planned anyhow, but what the fuck are you meant to do in summer? Here are our top tips.

Host a BBQ

Give up on your dreams of popping out for a cheeky Nandos/Pomopoko sesh- you’re just not going to be able to get a seat. Getting your grill on means you can enjoy all the social aspects of going out for a meal with none of the fighting over the bill or the worrying about tourists snatching your seats.

Shop smart

If you think you’re going to quickly pop to Churchill Square on a sunny Saturday mid-July, you thought wrong. The way to go is either early, if you can bear to get out of bed, or to go late-night shopping on a Thursday, when many tourists will be heading home for the day.  Online shopping is also your best friend in this season of need.

Ditch the beach and the level

We know you need somewhere to sit aimlessly and read/vape/take ket/ take artsy pictures, but the seafront and the level are no-go summer zones. They’re going to be packed and you know it, and you’ve been to both a million times already. Try Stanmer Park or Wild Park instead for a change of scenery.

Try a new pub or coffee shop 

Every tourist for miles will be inexplicably drawn to all the big name pubs and all the branded coffee shops, so spread your wings and seek solace elsewhere. Brighton and Hove boast over 300 bars and pubs in total, and the tourists can’t take all of them.

Don’t even attempt the laines

You know it’s only going to end badly. Pick up your fudge/ photos from snoopers paradise/ food from the Balcony Cafe now, before you’re blocked out for 2 months straight by hoards of sweaty travellers.

Make the most of the night life 

If the town is packed during the day, at least the clubs will be quieter at night. If the queue at Patterns, the sweatiness of Casas, or the amount of letchy drunks in Pryzm have always put you off, summer might be your time to shine.

On your bike

If you get on a 25 in summer, you run the risk of sharing your ride with what feels like 200 summer school kids all chatting loudly in Spanish and killing your vibe. You said you’d get fit for summer anyway, so do yourself a favour and get some use out of your bike while you’re still living in one of the most cycle-friendly cities in England.