English Lit students angry about two-week delay in marking essays

They may have to wait until April 14

After a two-week Easter break, many English Literature students were expecting to get marks and feedback returned to them today, as the department usually has a 15-day turnaround policy. Instead, they were greeted with an email from school administrator Emma Carlisle.

Her email said:  “The usual return period is 15 term time days, so the two week Easter closure has not been counted as part of the marking period.

“I understand that some of you were not aware of this and apologise for any confusion caused.  This is the first time a two week break has been scheduled mid-term, and if it happens again I will make sure the office gives students plenty of advance warning about marking deadlines.”

This means that many third-years who handed in essays and even dissertation plans in weeks six and seven will not be receiving any marks and feedback until April 14, which could seriously slow down their progress for any further work due in week 12 or the May assessment period.

One angry third year emailed the school office, and was told: “Tom Healy made a decision and informed students that the coming Easter break would not be included in marking time”, despite feeling like she had not been properly informed.

This news comes at a time when Tom Healy, Head of the school, is also absent while he recovers from surgery. He is expected to return on April 18.