Sussex shocked as Caroline Lucas admits she is the owner of library cat

She’s got big, cat-based plans for campus

It has emerged this week that Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton and Hove, is the secret owner of the friendly brown tabby who has been frequently spotted in the Sussex campus library.

Lucas, who frequents Room 76 for her coffees, gave a speech this week on campus. Few attended due to the Easter Holidays, meaning that many students have missed out on the big reveal.

During her speech, which primarily concerned her ideas for improving the university, she said: “Sussex students have proven to be some of the best and brightest, yet no-one has found an answer to the question of who owns so-called the library cat. Amongst my more political points, I’d like to also say that he is mine. I have a passion for helping animals, and cats will always have a special place in my heart.”

The friendly feline was first spotted in the library last spring, and became a hit among students overnight. The SU have even been selling Library Cat merchandise, donating profits to Cats Protection. He peaked last March, becoming “a lot more bold” for a fortnight according to library staff, but can still be found on campus from time to time. When he isn’t hanging out at the library, the mooching moggy likes to lounge in Library Square or outside Falmer Bar.

Photograph courtesy of Jade Reed

Lucas also revealed more cat-based plans for campus. She said: “I’m aware that there have been a few dog-petting therapy sessions to help reduce stress among the student body, but sadly, a lack of cats. I am aware that such sessions are expensive, but I am willing to contribute 10 of my own 30 cats to the cause for a day.”

These allegations have lead to many students speculating that she is also involved with the notorious library pigeon. One third year, who studies English but wishes to remain anonymous, said: “If Lucas can cope with 30 cats, she can cope with a singular pigeon. I wouldn’t be surprised if she either owns him, or wants to.”