Sussex graduate faces deportation to Nigerian ‘death sentence’

He insists only NHS treatment can keep him alive

Luqman Onikosi, an ex student and an admired member of the Sussex community, faces deportation after missing the 28 day period to appeal because he is currently in hospital.

The Home Office has said he has “no right to remain in the UK”.

Luqman, a Masters graduate at Sussex, suffers from chronic liver disease which he currently receives treatment for in the UK, but insists similar treatment is not available in his home country, Nigeria.

The disease is life-threatening and Luqman claims the British the treatment is necessary for his survival.

Two of Luqman’s brothers who live in Nigeria have died of complications bought on by the same disease.


Speaking to The Independent, Luqman said:” I believe it’s barbaric to send a third member of my family, me, to my death.

“In short, we (international students) are not treated as human, we are dispensable and even the relation of customer to a marketised education system is not enough to allow us to progress.”

Since moving to England in 2007, Onikosi has studied for two degrees and greatly contributed to the Students’ Union. He’s been a part of the Sussex University community for 8 years. He’s recently graduated with an MA in global political economy, and has recently conducted research into the decolonization of education at the university.

Luqman himself, as well as hundreds of students including Rose Taylor (Sussex’s Postgraduate Education Officer)  are calling for the Home Office and Theresa May to grant Luqman leave to stay in the UK and stop all efforts to deport him.

Sussex students have set up a fundraising page to pay for legal advice for Luqman which you can donate to here.

There will also be a petition set up for Luqman’s cause in the next week.

Rose Taylor has also set up a letter for any academics and Students’ Union Officers to sign. To sign, contact her at:  [email protected]