The SU are hosting a ‘Period Pride Day’ on Thursday

It’s to ‘reduce the shame often associated with menstruation’


The SU are running a “Period Pride” day this Thursday in Room 76.

In a typical Sussex fashion, the day will be run as part of a nationwide project to “reduce the shame often associated with menstruation”.

The Facebook event for the day proudly says: “Let’s work to dispel period shame and instil Period Pride because periods are natural, not shameful.”

The National Period Pride page says that the purpose of Period Pride days and workshops is “raising awareness of how to make your own reusable menstrual care products, mooncups, why periods are not shameful, and how to ensure you aren’t cisnormative when talking about periods”.

Students can expect to find an array of activities at the event, including period-pants tye-dye DIY, Period Pride Crafting, feminist readings, and the wackiest craft known to man: play-doh vagina modelling.

On the more tame side, there will be cupcake decorating and free red velvet cakes.

The event comes at a time when periods have never been bigger news- the war on the so-called tampon tax, which taxes sanitary products such as tampons as “luxury” goods, is ongoing.

The SU began offering free sanitary products to students last term, distributing them every Wednesday in Falmer House, and students at Sussex and other universities nationwide continue to petition and protest against tampon tax.